Saturday, November 9, 2013

Update 2

       Hi fellow bloggers today is November 9th and its a nice Saturday here at Muskingum university campus. Soccer season is over and we didn't have a very successful season that we thought we were going to have but that's just how things turn out sometimes. Our record was 5-11 I think. we won most of our games because our league played so we thought we were going to have a solid season but that ended up not really being the case unfortunately. Now that soccer season is over me and my friends have a lot more time to go lifting the the chess center here on campus and hanging out and playing games. Speaking of games we have been playing the new Call of Duty Ghosts. It's a lot of fun to play so far. its a lot different than the other call of duty's. I've been working on scheduling my classes which is turning out to be more difficult than it should be but i guess that's just the case for me. I also have a lot of homework that i need to get done for first year seminar so I hope i can get all that done in time its due. Another scheduling issue i have encountered is trying to get the classes i need at a certain time that would fit into my schedule perfectly but so far I am having trouble finding a class to fit into my Tuesday and Wednesday for my schedule. I hope i can get it all figured out.
Today i watched some Barclay's Premier League games and the main game that i watched was the Chelsea versus West Brom. Chelsea should have lost because they were behind 2-1 at the 89th minute with about 5 minutes to go. The game ended up getting tied up in the 89th minute when a Chelsea Midfielder Ramires was dribbling into West Brom's box and was supposedly fouled and was rewarded a penalty kick that was easily converted to tie the game up at 2-2 which is how the game ended. But they shouldn't have been given a penalty kick because as the replay showed that the Chelsea play obviously ran into the West Brom defender and fell to the ground way to easily and that there shouldn't have been given a penalty and West Brom go ripped off pretty much by the Ref. The games that i'm really interested in are tomorrow where my team Manchester city are playing Sunderland which will be a good game and my team should most likely win the game. But if they don't win its because they didn't perform or the other team had the game of their lives and that's just the truth really. The other game i'm really excited for is the Arsenal versus Manchester United, that game will be a very intense and great game to watch. Both teams are very good and very popular teams. Arsenal are currently on top of the League table but Manchester are currently struggling to find their from that they had last season. But that doesn't really mean anything win it comes to this game. Each team will try their hardest to get the win here because whoever wins will get a huge boost that will help them with their seasons and can sometimes help teams build enough steam to go on and win the league.

Overall it was a good week and this weekend is going to be even better tomorrow. Thanks for reading and have a great day. Peace



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  1. Haven't played call of duty ghost but I hear it is pretty good. Pretty easy to tell you enjoy professional soccer. Sorry you guys didn't have the greatest season.