Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Post 7

Today is November 20, 2013 and today has been a slow day but i am now done with class so now i am free for the day to do homework and hang out with my friends. I am about to go lift with some buddies so im pretty excited about that. We lift about every day at the chess center here on campus which is building that has a little bit of everything in it. For example it has a gym for lifting and stuff, and has study tables and rooms, and then it has a cafe and a entertainment lounge area aswell. So its pretty much like a place for students to go hangout and get homework done if there room is to distracting or to just hang out with friends and have a good time. Me and my friends have made kind of this tradition where we go to the cafe around 9 to 10 pm and get something to eat and just chat and have fun for like like 2 hours after eating our delicious greasy food.

In two more days the xbox one comes out! make sure you get one! just want everyone to remember that. If i had money and wasnt a student i would most likely be picking it up in a heart beat. but that isnt the case at all for me.

Oh and also remember how i was angry about my scheduling problem and how i didnt like how its set up and everything and how i couldn't get into a class i needed to take. Well i still hate how the system is set up but the good news is i talked to the teacher after classes today and luckily she was in her office so i asked if i could get into her full class and she said i could so i got a form from the registrars office to add the class and now all i have to do is put my information on the form and then everything should be how i wanted it now. This takes a massive amount of stress off me because i was worried i was only going to be taking about 13 credit hours this coming up semester which is simply not enough if i want to be graduated and done with the school in 4 years.
Thats all for today friends! hope everyone has a great day! and make sure to keep coming back and reading my posts! thanks! Peace.


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  1. Friends are important, they keep you from stressing out over school. Time management is a big key but friends must be fit into your schedule.