Thursday, November 21, 2013

post 8 #crazyday

Today is November 21 and today after i was done with class at around 1 pm i got back to my room and then twenty minutes later i got a text from the school saying that we have a bomb threat and that we are to leave campus and go home or somewhere immediately. At first i thought it was message that was kind of like a test or something but then i read it again and then realized it was legit. I then heard people outside my room running around saying stuff about there being a bomb threat and stuff and i was like dang this really must be going on. So my roommate and i hurried and packed up our stuff and headed towards our homes. Luckily we both live in the same direction. So he then dropped my off where my mom worked and he then continued on his was home.
So yeah i had a very interesting day today! but i got to come home and see my family and my amazing dogs! its been a rather amazing day to tell you the truth. The only bad thing about today is i didn't get my class added because we had to leave campus and i wont be going back friday for classes because my parents will be unable to bring me back there in time because they will be working during that time. So i get a 3 day weekend to just relax and hang out with family and friends and maybe do a few blogs in the mean time aswell!
Tomorrow the Xbox one comes out and my brothers friend is going to be getting it and supposedly he is going to come over our we are going to head over there and try it out! im so excited because i have been waiting to put my hands on this things for awhile now. Im sure the new graphics on this thing is going to be amazing. Some of the reviews for the games coming out on the xbox one i think were a little ridiculous i mean giving a game with amazing visuals and a solid combat system and story and giving it a 4 is beyond stupid is one of the main reasons why i just dont even acknowledge reviews anymore. Also one of my friends who i go to Muskingum with is getting the new Xbox one so im sure i will be going to his room often and playing some games with him which will most certainly be alot of fun! well thats all for today folks! and as always continue to check back and keep reading my posts! have a good day!


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  1. Very crazy I can't believe there was a bomb threat to Muskingum. Glad everyone got off campus. Kind of good you got to go home.