Sunday, November 24, 2013

Post 10 (finale)

Second Blog today whats wrong with me! well i feel like telling you guys what I've been up to today! well today i got back to muskingum and got caught back up on my homework and i am about to start studying for my test that's tomorrow and then i'm done! but what i also have been doing is playing the new Elder scrolls online beta that i was invited to. I've been playing it for a few hours now and i have to say its really fun actually! i was really skeptical about it and i thought it wouldn't be very good and the combat would be to choppy to be anything that enjoyable. This game has amazing graphics for being a online MMO and it looks a lot better then guildwars which looked really good as well. the crazy thing is this game runs on high on my computer and runs smooth but when i try and run Guild wars 2 i can only run medium or low and this games looks better too! so i guess we all know which game is optimized better that's for sure. The cool thing is this game is coming out on PS4 and Xbox One so you can play this game in your living room! and after playing it on my PC i know for a fact that this game will run just as well on consoles and might even be a little more smooth as well! all in all i think this game is going to be excellent but i hope it doesn't have a subscription cost because that would stop me from getting it but i would still think it is a very good game still though.
Muskingum has pretty good internet and its 100 times better then the internet that i have at home that's for sure. so getting to play this game with no lag has been pretty nice that's for sure.
enough about games! i play soccer here at Muskingum so you should know i am a fan of the sport! well today my team Manchester City beat Spurs 6-0 today and i gotta say we need to start repeating this home form over to our away games because our away form has been very poor and very disappointing, we've lost a lot of easy points away this year and we could easily be in first but we will see as the season progresses how things turn out. Also icing on the cake today was watching Manchester United (a team i despise and dislike a lot) tied newly promoted Cardiff City and that means that they lost 2 points thus putting city ahead of them which made me a very happy person today!
Well this might be my last post ever so its been a pleasure sharing my thoughts and my experiences as a Muskingum student! I hope you all have a great day and i hope you enjoyed my blog! peace.


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  1. Glad you can play here at school better than you can at home, better connection. I enjoyed your blogs, hope you liked my post.