Saturday, November 16, 2013

Post 4 (CONSOLE!!!!!!!)

Hello fellow bloggers! hope your having a good weekend so far! it was a really long week this week and i'm just glad its the weekend finally. in about a week in a half i will be on fall break and i cant tell you how excited i am! Today i watched Ohio state university play i forget now but it was a very good game!! Yesterday the play station 4 was released and lots of people got it! i didnt because i dont have money first off but i would rather get the Xbox one anyway mainly because i like the games coming out on it better and all my friends are getting it so its an obvious choice! plus i played Xbox 360 before anyhow so im use to how the xbox works and i like the controller so much more then Play stations'. Im just glad next generation consoles are finally getting here because i cant wait too see what kinda games they make on these things! its gonna be amazing!!!! I have been reading and following these next generation consoles for about the last 2 to 3 years and now that they are pretty much here is crazy and i cant believe it either! i hope you guys are excited for these consoles like me! i mean the games on these new machines are going to be something special and this is just the beginning of their lives so who knows what crazy, incredible games will come out on these things!
Christmas is gonna be here before we even know it so i thought i would ask you guys! which console do you want for Christmas or just to get whenever. Even if you are not getting one, you can pick one.. so after you pick which one you would get, please leave your answer in the comments and please tell why you would choose said console! because i'm just interested in your guys opinions and reasons for picking the console you do. Thank you for participating.
Today has been a slow day manly because all my friends have gone home or left campus for the weekend so there's really nothing to do at the moment besides finish up some homework and playing some games. So i decided to write another blog today! thanks for reading this and make sure you read my other posts and make sure to come back and read some more! As always, have a nice day!

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  1. Xbox one has been a big talk of the town. The games that go with it should be a good compliment for the new system. Glad to hear you are doing your homework.