Sunday, November 24, 2013

Post 9

Today is November 24 on a Sunday and its a nice but very cold day here at muskingum. I just got back today from leaving campus and going home on Thursday after the school had a bomb threat. On Thursday after class around 130 there was a Meta text sent out which is a text the school sends out to everyone if there is a emergency or something that every student needs to know right away. After receiving the text i was confused at first i was thinking is this real of just some kinda testing drill and then i looked at it again and heard people walking in the hall way talking about a bomb threat and how we had to leave right away. So my roommate and I packed up our stuff and headed out in his car. He then dropped me off on the way to his house at where my mom worked and then he headed to his home and i headed to mind. i then was unable to head back to school for Friday i decided to spend the weekend at home and get some good meals. I got to play my brothers friends Xbox one that was amazing! and i would love to have one that's for sure. Tomorrow is my last day too and then i get to head home for thanksgiving break which is going to be very nice and i am looking forward to it very much so! only thing between me and thanksgiving break is a test in my math class that i really need to study for because I don't really know much on the material so i got to really get on that and practice some of the problems and look over the notes we took in class and stuff like that.
thanksgiving is going to be so much fun and delicious as always! im not sure yet where my family is having it i have a its going to be at my house or my grandma's. either way it will be fun and full of good food so im happy none the less. Well thats all for now! hope everyone has a good day! and make sure to keep coming back and checking out my blogs and reading them and commenting if you'd like, don't be shy! as always i hope everyone has a very good day!


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  1. I dont blame you for not coming back on Friday if I was sent home over an hour I wouldn't return at 8 am. That is a good thing you got some home cooked meals because those are good for you.