Monday, November 18, 2013

Post 5 #college #dogs

Hello fellow bloggers today is november 18 2013! this is my fifth blog so far! lets call it a little milestone. Today i scheduled for my classes for the spring semester but i could get into one of the class that i kinda need to get into so its causing a bit of an issue for me that i am hoping a can soon resolve.. That is a major negative when going to a smaller school like Muskingum because the class sizes are so small it makes it very difficult to get into classes that are a mandatory class or just a popular one to take. And because the class is so popular, lots of people are trying to take it sa well as you which is my current situation. So i have to try and find another class to fit in that time slot; which is being coming more difficult then it should ever be. Or I get a hold of the professor and ask he or she if i can get into there class that is currently "full". I will find out in the days to come or ill end up taking some random class in that time slot or one much later in the day which would be a complete bummer and that is the worst case scenario so lets just hope that doesn't happen at all. This whole scheduling process has been much more frustrating and complicated then it should be but i think it is because of how its set up and how lucid it feels and also how non-structured it feels which doesn't really make sense for a University or college to do when you are paying this high amount of money per year to just attend the school. You would think when scheduling for classes! it would be set up much better and as a first year student you don't really no exactly what you need to take when you don't have a major ready. And as a student you already have enough stress on you trying to get good grades in a class. There's no need to add stress onto a student with this scheduling thing where your times for classes keep conflicting and then your not even sure if you need to take this class or if this class is a more advanced class and so on. So my point is that the set up when scheduling classes here at Muskingum University is abysmal and to be honest embarrassing for a small Division 3 school. this is something you would expect at a Big Division 1 school.

I hope this week goes by fast because i am really looking forward to going home and seeing my dogs! here is a picture of them for whoever is interested! they are brother and sister and they are American golden with a mix of British golden retriever which is what gives them the white in there coats.

I hope you guys think they are as good looking of dogs as i do hahaha!

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  1. The dogs are very good looking. The small college is a good chose but yes you will run into everyone wanting to get into the same classes. The underclassmen get kind of screwed on picking their classes last.