Thursday, November 14, 2013

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Hello! today is November 14 2013. It two days ago which was shocking considering we hadn't had snow this early for as long as I remember. And we got a lot of snow for only being early November. I'm hoping for a white Christmas, it would be the first one we have had in years. This week has gone very slow but tomorrow is Friday so I am very excited about that. And then the next week after this is thanksgiving break which will be much needed and will be very nice getting away from here and going back home for a little while. And then the cooler thing is after Thanksgiving break we only have a week of school and then its Christmas break so i'm looking forward to the upcoming weeks here. I finally got my schedule finished and turned in to the registrars office and i'm hoping i can get into the classes that i signed up for if not i will be extremely upset because its been a pain getting it all figured out and to find out i cant get into this class because its full will be very annoying and aggravating. I did not like how students had to pretty much figure it out on there own with little to no guidance on the process like we did as incoming freshman. You would think since we pay so much they could set something up were we sat down with an adviser and signed up for the classes then and there not this ridiculous system they have now where you do it completely online. Its very annoying and quite frankly a very stupid set up and i was very disappointed with how the scheduling for classes is done here.
      This week i have been working out and playing futsol with friends every day and then going back to my room and doing homework and studying. it has been a very nice and fun for me. For those who don't know what futsol is, it's a soccer but with a smaller ball that doesn't really bounce of hard surfaces because when you play futsol you are on a hard surface like a basketball court or are inside a building and you dont want the ball bouncing all over the place hitting things. it's a more technical and faster form of soccer on a much smaller playing surface than your typical full eleven versus eleven field that you usual think of when talking about soccer.
       That's all for today! come back and check out my other blogs that are surely to come! bye!


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  1. Early snow in Ohio is not unusual but that is kind of early. Glad to hear you are working out and getting better for next year. Your schedule for next semester is important glad you did that.