Sunday, November 24, 2013

Post 10 (finale)

Second Blog today whats wrong with me! well i feel like telling you guys what I've been up to today! well today i got back to muskingum and got caught back up on my homework and i am about to start studying for my test that's tomorrow and then i'm done! but what i also have been doing is playing the new Elder scrolls online beta that i was invited to. I've been playing it for a few hours now and i have to say its really fun actually! i was really skeptical about it and i thought it wouldn't be very good and the combat would be to choppy to be anything that enjoyable. This game has amazing graphics for being a online MMO and it looks a lot better then guildwars which looked really good as well. the crazy thing is this game runs on high on my computer and runs smooth but when i try and run Guild wars 2 i can only run medium or low and this games looks better too! so i guess we all know which game is optimized better that's for sure. The cool thing is this game is coming out on PS4 and Xbox One so you can play this game in your living room! and after playing it on my PC i know for a fact that this game will run just as well on consoles and might even be a little more smooth as well! all in all i think this game is going to be excellent but i hope it doesn't have a subscription cost because that would stop me from getting it but i would still think it is a very good game still though.
Muskingum has pretty good internet and its 100 times better then the internet that i have at home that's for sure. so getting to play this game with no lag has been pretty nice that's for sure.
enough about games! i play soccer here at Muskingum so you should know i am a fan of the sport! well today my team Manchester City beat Spurs 6-0 today and i gotta say we need to start repeating this home form over to our away games because our away form has been very poor and very disappointing, we've lost a lot of easy points away this year and we could easily be in first but we will see as the season progresses how things turn out. Also icing on the cake today was watching Manchester United (a team i despise and dislike a lot) tied newly promoted Cardiff City and that means that they lost 2 points thus putting city ahead of them which made me a very happy person today!
Well this might be my last post ever so its been a pleasure sharing my thoughts and my experiences as a Muskingum student! I hope you all have a great day and i hope you enjoyed my blog! peace.


Post 9

Today is November 24 on a Sunday and its a nice but very cold day here at muskingum. I just got back today from leaving campus and going home on Thursday after the school had a bomb threat. On Thursday after class around 130 there was a Meta text sent out which is a text the school sends out to everyone if there is a emergency or something that every student needs to know right away. After receiving the text i was confused at first i was thinking is this real of just some kinda testing drill and then i looked at it again and heard people walking in the hall way talking about a bomb threat and how we had to leave right away. So my roommate and I packed up our stuff and headed out in his car. He then dropped me off on the way to his house at where my mom worked and then he headed to his home and i headed to mind. i then was unable to head back to school for Friday i decided to spend the weekend at home and get some good meals. I got to play my brothers friends Xbox one that was amazing! and i would love to have one that's for sure. Tomorrow is my last day too and then i get to head home for thanksgiving break which is going to be very nice and i am looking forward to it very much so! only thing between me and thanksgiving break is a test in my math class that i really need to study for because I don't really know much on the material so i got to really get on that and practice some of the problems and look over the notes we took in class and stuff like that.
thanksgiving is going to be so much fun and delicious as always! im not sure yet where my family is having it i have a its going to be at my house or my grandma's. either way it will be fun and full of good food so im happy none the less. Well thats all for now! hope everyone has a good day! and make sure to keep coming back and checking out my blogs and reading them and commenting if you'd like, don't be shy! as always i hope everyone has a very good day!


Thursday, November 21, 2013

post 8 #crazyday

Today is November 21 and today after i was done with class at around 1 pm i got back to my room and then twenty minutes later i got a text from the school saying that we have a bomb threat and that we are to leave campus and go home or somewhere immediately. At first i thought it was message that was kind of like a test or something but then i read it again and then realized it was legit. I then heard people outside my room running around saying stuff about there being a bomb threat and stuff and i was like dang this really must be going on. So my roommate and i hurried and packed up our stuff and headed towards our homes. Luckily we both live in the same direction. So he then dropped my off where my mom worked and he then continued on his was home.
So yeah i had a very interesting day today! but i got to come home and see my family and my amazing dogs! its been a rather amazing day to tell you the truth. The only bad thing about today is i didn't get my class added because we had to leave campus and i wont be going back friday for classes because my parents will be unable to bring me back there in time because they will be working during that time. So i get a 3 day weekend to just relax and hang out with family and friends and maybe do a few blogs in the mean time aswell!
Tomorrow the Xbox one comes out and my brothers friend is going to be getting it and supposedly he is going to come over our we are going to head over there and try it out! im so excited because i have been waiting to put my hands on this things for awhile now. Im sure the new graphics on this thing is going to be amazing. Some of the reviews for the games coming out on the xbox one i think were a little ridiculous i mean giving a game with amazing visuals and a solid combat system and story and giving it a 4 is beyond stupid is one of the main reasons why i just dont even acknowledge reviews anymore. Also one of my friends who i go to Muskingum with is getting the new Xbox one so im sure i will be going to his room often and playing some games with him which will most certainly be alot of fun! well thats all for today folks! and as always continue to check back and keep reading my posts! have a good day!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Post 7

Today is November 20, 2013 and today has been a slow day but i am now done with class so now i am free for the day to do homework and hang out with my friends. I am about to go lift with some buddies so im pretty excited about that. We lift about every day at the chess center here on campus which is building that has a little bit of everything in it. For example it has a gym for lifting and stuff, and has study tables and rooms, and then it has a cafe and a entertainment lounge area aswell. So its pretty much like a place for students to go hangout and get homework done if there room is to distracting or to just hang out with friends and have a good time. Me and my friends have made kind of this tradition where we go to the cafe around 9 to 10 pm and get something to eat and just chat and have fun for like like 2 hours after eating our delicious greasy food.

In two more days the xbox one comes out! make sure you get one! just want everyone to remember that. If i had money and wasnt a student i would most likely be picking it up in a heart beat. but that isnt the case at all for me.

Oh and also remember how i was angry about my scheduling problem and how i didnt like how its set up and everything and how i couldn't get into a class i needed to take. Well i still hate how the system is set up but the good news is i talked to the teacher after classes today and luckily she was in her office so i asked if i could get into her full class and she said i could so i got a form from the registrars office to add the class and now all i have to do is put my information on the form and then everything should be how i wanted it now. This takes a massive amount of stress off me because i was worried i was only going to be taking about 13 credit hours this coming up semester which is simply not enough if i want to be graduated and done with the school in 4 years.
Thats all for today friends! hope everyone has a great day! and make sure to keep coming back and reading my posts! thanks! Peace.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Post 6

Today is Tuesday! its a nice outside but its a little chilly! I presented my project today in graphics design of a soda company i came up with! i'd share it but i dont want anyone taking it. lets just say it is pretty creative and it might just become the next best thing! here is a review on a game that is coming out on the xbox one and that i am super excited about!!!
When I finally completed dead rising 3. The kill counter in the corner of my screen read 26,978. Also I was wearing a luchador mask for some reason. But anyway, that’s a really big number. It’s like killing one zombie per second for seven and a half hours, though I played far longer than that. The fact that I’m still ready and willing to go for another round with a co-op buddy is a good sign that Dead Rising 3 is packing enough variety and goofy action to make it a good time. Notice that I didn’t say it was pretty. Dead Rising 3 runs at an upscaled 720p resolution, it doesn’t have amazing textures outside of its cinematics, and it suffers from regular framerate stutters and occasional walls that pop in after you’ve driven into them. It doesn’t look a whole lot better than what you’ve probably played on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Dead Rising 3 doesn’t get by on its looks, but its meaty zombie-slaying combat and nearly endless supply of undead and ridiculous weapons go a long way. Through its lengthy campaign, I was always eager to see what crazy zombie-squishing contraption would come along next. It rarely disappointed, except when navigating its snarled map and waiting out its load times took me out of the fight took too long.  
Good thing i'm not able to afford this console because im at school at Muskingum or things could get bad like my grades so maybe its a good thing i cant get it haha. Because i already have enough things distracting my from my school work which isnt really a good thing when you are paying such large amounts of money to attend these schools.
Well hope everyone has a good day! make sure to read my other posts and to keep checking back for more content! have a good day! And i think if you can  you should get the Xbox one mainly because of the awesome games they are going to release on it! and again, have a good one!


Monday, November 18, 2013

Post 5 #college #dogs

Hello fellow bloggers today is november 18 2013! this is my fifth blog so far! lets call it a little milestone. Today i scheduled for my classes for the spring semester but i could get into one of the class that i kinda need to get into so its causing a bit of an issue for me that i am hoping a can soon resolve.. That is a major negative when going to a smaller school like Muskingum because the class sizes are so small it makes it very difficult to get into classes that are a mandatory class or just a popular one to take. And because the class is so popular, lots of people are trying to take it sa well as you which is my current situation. So i have to try and find another class to fit in that time slot; which is being coming more difficult then it should ever be. Or I get a hold of the professor and ask he or she if i can get into there class that is currently "full". I will find out in the days to come or ill end up taking some random class in that time slot or one much later in the day which would be a complete bummer and that is the worst case scenario so lets just hope that doesn't happen at all. This whole scheduling process has been much more frustrating and complicated then it should be but i think it is because of how its set up and how lucid it feels and also how non-structured it feels which doesn't really make sense for a University or college to do when you are paying this high amount of money per year to just attend the school. You would think when scheduling for classes! it would be set up much better and as a first year student you don't really no exactly what you need to take when you don't have a major ready. And as a student you already have enough stress on you trying to get good grades in a class. There's no need to add stress onto a student with this scheduling thing where your times for classes keep conflicting and then your not even sure if you need to take this class or if this class is a more advanced class and so on. So my point is that the set up when scheduling classes here at Muskingum University is abysmal and to be honest embarrassing for a small Division 3 school. this is something you would expect at a Big Division 1 school.

I hope this week goes by fast because i am really looking forward to going home and seeing my dogs! here is a picture of them for whoever is interested! they are brother and sister and they are American golden with a mix of British golden retriever which is what gives them the white in there coats.

I hope you guys think they are as good looking of dogs as i do hahaha!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Post 4 (CONSOLE!!!!!!!)

Hello fellow bloggers! hope your having a good weekend so far! it was a really long week this week and i'm just glad its the weekend finally. in about a week in a half i will be on fall break and i cant tell you how excited i am! Today i watched Ohio state university play i forget now but it was a very good game!! Yesterday the play station 4 was released and lots of people got it! i didnt because i dont have money first off but i would rather get the Xbox one anyway mainly because i like the games coming out on it better and all my friends are getting it so its an obvious choice! plus i played Xbox 360 before anyhow so im use to how the xbox works and i like the controller so much more then Play stations'. Im just glad next generation consoles are finally getting here because i cant wait too see what kinda games they make on these things! its gonna be amazing!!!! I have been reading and following these next generation consoles for about the last 2 to 3 years and now that they are pretty much here is crazy and i cant believe it either! i hope you guys are excited for these consoles like me! i mean the games on these new machines are going to be something special and this is just the beginning of their lives so who knows what crazy, incredible games will come out on these things!
Christmas is gonna be here before we even know it so i thought i would ask you guys! which console do you want for Christmas or just to get whenever. Even if you are not getting one, you can pick one.. so after you pick which one you would get, please leave your answer in the comments and please tell why you would choose said console! because i'm just interested in your guys opinions and reasons for picking the console you do. Thank you for participating.
Today has been a slow day manly because all my friends have gone home or left campus for the weekend so there's really nothing to do at the moment besides finish up some homework and playing some games. So i decided to write another blog today! thanks for reading this and make sure you read my other posts and make sure to come back and read some more! As always, have a nice day!