Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Post 6

Today is Tuesday! its a nice outside but its a little chilly! I presented my project today in graphics design of a soda company i came up with! i'd share it but i dont want anyone taking it. lets just say it is pretty creative and it might just become the next best thing! here is a review on a game that is coming out on the xbox one and that i am super excited about!!!
When I finally completed dead rising 3. The kill counter in the corner of my screen read 26,978. Also I was wearing a luchador mask for some reason. But anyway, that’s a really big number. It’s like killing one zombie per second for seven and a half hours, though I played far longer than that. The fact that I’m still ready and willing to go for another round with a co-op buddy is a good sign that Dead Rising 3 is packing enough variety and goofy action to make it a good time. Notice that I didn’t say it was pretty. Dead Rising 3 runs at an upscaled 720p resolution, it doesn’t have amazing textures outside of its cinematics, and it suffers from regular framerate stutters and occasional walls that pop in after you’ve driven into them. It doesn’t look a whole lot better than what you’ve probably played on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Dead Rising 3 doesn’t get by on its looks, but its meaty zombie-slaying combat and nearly endless supply of undead and ridiculous weapons go a long way. Through its lengthy campaign, I was always eager to see what crazy zombie-squishing contraption would come along next. It rarely disappointed, except when navigating its snarled map and waiting out its load times took me out of the fight took too long.  
Good thing i'm not able to afford this console because im at school at Muskingum or things could get bad like my grades so maybe its a good thing i cant get it haha. Because i already have enough things distracting my from my school work which isnt really a good thing when you are paying such large amounts of money to attend these schools.
Well hope everyone has a good day! make sure to read my other posts and to keep checking back for more content! have a good day! And i think if you can  you should get the Xbox one mainly because of the awesome games they are going to release on it! and again, have a good one!


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  1. Good to hear you aren't getting the console because then you can focus on school. But if you can do both manage your school work and have the console more power to you.