Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hello bloggers!

Hello I'm Nick Koch and I'm 18 years of age. I am currently attending Muskingum University and I also play soccer for the University. This blog is about me and my time here at Muskingum. I will be sharing stories of things that happen and just random things about my days here. My life might not be that exciting but I defiantly think you should follow along my journey. A little more of what I might talk about in the blog is video games because I play them and also things about soccer on the professional level and my thoughts on what I think about certain things going on in the professional leagues around the world. I hope you like my blogs and decide to follow me it would mean a lot. Have a nice day everyone! Here is some info about my school. Muskingum has been continuously accredited by the North Central Association of College and Secondary Schools since 1919. "The school up on the hills", as it is sometimes called by locals, offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of science degrees at the undergraduate level, and at the graduate level Master of Information Strategy Systems and Technology, Master of Arts in Education, and Master of Arts in Teaching graduate degrees. The school offers 44 academic majors along with a large number of minors, 9 pre-professional programs (including pre-law and pre-medicine) and teaching license, all of which must be pursued within a strong liberal arts curriculum, known at Muskingum as the "Liberal Arts Essentials"(LAEs) (see below). Among Muskingum's strongest undergraduate academic programs are its science division, math program, education department, and journalism program. Muskingum is often proclaimed as a "best value" in education, by combining strong academics with low tuition, by U.S. News & World Report and similar publications. In their 2008 America's Best College's guide, U.S. News & World Report ranked Muskingum the "31st Best Master's Level University" in the Midwest academically. and the "4th Best Value" among Midwest Master's Level Universities.
Now that you know more of my school and you know that I'm attending a very good school full of good opportunities for me to become whatever i want to be and be the best at what i want to do. thanks for reading this Blog, have a good day fellow Bloggers! peace.

P.S. make sure to keep checking back and looking at my other blogs! i'll be continuing to do this for the weeks to come and hope that you guys continue to come check in on whats going on in my life! thank you!.